Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Two videos from Aimee's memorial

For those who were not able to attend, I am going to try to put as much of it in video form on this blog as possible.

The first two pieces I have are the two songs that were performed. The first one was Aimee's favorite hymn, "Come Thou Fount". Justin (Aimee's brother) mentioned during the memorial that when their father was dying of cancer the previous year, Aimee would sit in his room with him, hold his head and sing this song to him. She loved it, and it's no surprise she used it as a way to try and bring comfort to her father (who she's now reunited with). This is being performed by Joe Monto, the youth pastor at the church Aimee and I attend and an accomplished performer.

The second song is the one that my best friend Bart and I wrote and performed. As I mention in the video, it was finished at 11pm the night before the service, and I only had the chance to rehearse it three times in its final form. Hence, it's not the cleanest performance in the world. But I still feel like it honors Aimee and what she meant to me and how I feel now.

I do also have a copy of the tribute video of Aimee's life that was shown, but the file is way too large at this point. Once I find a way to shrink it I'll post it here.


  1. Thank you Pat. I have been blessed by this and brought closer to Him. You are such a blessing to me.

  2. So beautiful. You don't know me, but I grew up in Milan and knew Donna and Terry. I remember when Aimee was born. My heart hurts for you and your family. I have always believed that God has a plan, but find it hard to believe this was His plan. In hearing you sing this song it definitely is inspiring to witness your faith. May God keep you and your daughter close in HIS hands.