Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One month ago today, we lost...

One month ago today...
Rowan lost her mother.
Her playmate. Her comforter. Her teacher. Her mentor. Her corrector. Her friend. Her inspiration.

Donna lost her daughter.
Her friend. Her comforter. Her supporter. Her confidant. Her sounding board. Her counselor. Her advisor.

Justin lost his sister.
His mentor. His example. His embodiment of kindness, love, service and tolerance. His example of a Christ-like life.

I lost my wife.
My friend. My lover. My partner. My fellow parent of Rowan. My verbal sparring buddy. My supporter. My advisor. My better half. My sounding board. My comforter.

Aimee's coworkers lost a valuable and loved colleague. Her clients lost a therapist that they knew really truly cared about them and worked hard to help them. Aimee's friends lost the same.
The world lost an angel. A light among the darkness.

Oh, what a great loss for this world, and what a huge hole left in so many lives.


  1. Pat that is truly a sad post, one thing to always remember, every dark cloud you see with a silver lining is Aimee looking down smiling upon all of us who knew and loved her.

  2. Pat,
    Your Blog has given me focus for my feelings,and an awareness of Aimee that I never would have had without it. Your honesty and bravery to share your life with us is something very special.

    Aimee was an such a unique and wonderful person that her story must be told by everyone who knew her. There is so much to learn from her example.