Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things I miss

I miss Aimee. Specifically, there are some things I really miss.

I miss the way Aimee and I talked about our lives together.
I miss the way she used to scrunch up her face and look up at me and call me a toad.
I miss our inside jokes.
I miss that I will never get to take her to Paris like I promised.
I miss watching reruns of Scrubs together after Rowan had gone to bed.
I miss, ahem, "cuddle time".
I miss watching her play with and love on Rowan.
I miss family hugs, when she and Rowan and I would all hug together.
I miss how she teased me about being old, and I teased her about being short.
Or how I teased her about being a Discovery Channel geek and she teased me about attending professional events just to meet cute girls.
I miss how she almost never beat me at Scrabble, but she kept trying.
I miss how she always reassured me, supported me, respected me, and most of all loved me.
I miss Aimee.


  1. That is beautiful Pat.... there are things about Aimee we will all miss. I remember in school seeing her smile. And her friendliness to everyone. She always had a way to make everyone smile. I will miss seeing her smile.

  2. I have never yet met you, or Rowan and regrettably, Aimee but I wanted to take the time to express my thoughts. Your tributes to your wife are so beautiful. I am so touched by the expression of your love and your memories of your extraordinary wife/Rowan's mommy. Your concern and love for your daughter and your complete grace during this unimaginable situation is something I am humbled by and in awe of. I read Aimee's obituary in the Sunday paper and then went to your blog and then her Facebook page and gleaned even more insight into what an astounding woman you were blessed to have time on this earth with. I have been praying and thinking about you and your family ever since. Please know each day I pray for you and Rowan and and ask God for strength and his continued embrace of your entire family. Even though you don't know me, your tragic situation has touched me so and I wish you and Rowan rainbows after the storm and every bit of happiness that will eventually come your way again. Big hugs and much love from a stranger in Bellevue.

    1. Thank you Joni. One of the most humbling parts of this has been how people who've never even met Aimee are still getting a sense for what kind of person she was. It's been a real comfort to know how much she impacted the people she knew here on earth, and how her light has shone outside even her direct influence.