Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aimee's last Fathers Day card to me

You want to know why I think Aimee was amazing. Here's just one of MANY reasons - the card she got me last year for Fathers Day, and what she wrote inside:

Printed on the outside of the card:
"To good to be true...
That's what it felt like the first time I kissed you.

To good to be true...
That's how it feels being married to you.

To good to be true...
That's how each day seems with our beautiful family."

Printed on the inside:
"And words can't express just how grateful I am that you're real, that you're mine, that you've made our life together too good to be true.
Happy Father's Day"

But it's what she wrote that meant so much:
I really, truly feel that I am the luckiest girl to be married to a guy like you. I love you. I trust you. I respect you. I admire you.

You're a loving, tender daddy to our girls & a phenomenal, giving partner to me. What more could I ask for?

Thanks for loving me. I can't wait to see where our journey takes us!
Love you,

(The 'girls' she was referring to were our daughter and our dog.)

Aimee telling me that she loved, trusted, respected and admired me? Those were VERY high words of praise coming from  her. She gave her trust and respect to very few people. To have those, combined with her admiration and her love, well, you can see why I felt to honored ro be loved by her.

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  1. Beautiful words from your beautiful wife... how wonderful that you kept the card from last Father's Day! What a beautiful love you and Aimee shared - and still share in Rowan! In reading your blog, I can see why she loved, trusted, respected and admired you.