Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The silent half

For the last three months I've had a lot of love and support from a lot of people. And believe me, I've needed it. I think the same has been true for Donna as well. And many times when I talk to people who know me or who knew Aimee or any of her family members, they tell me they're thinking of or praying for me and Rowan and for Aimee's family. This has been wonderful to hear, because I've really needed it, and so have they.

But there's a group if people that have been unintentionally left out. A silent half, if you will.
Aimee with my sister

MY family.

My mother and two sisters loved Aimee with all their hearts. I used to tell Aimee that pretty soon they'd disown me and adopt her in my place, they loved her so much. My mom is not all that prone to strong displays of emotion, but she burst into tears when I called her that night and told her Aimee had died. My sisters were equally affected, and all three of them still are. I never talk to any of them without Aimee coming up in conversation, and they always express once again how much they loved her and how much they miss her. They loved her not just because I was married to her, but because of who she was. They were as affected by her sweet and genuine nature as everyone else. And you know what? Aimee dearly loved them too. My family was part of Aimee's family, and vice versa.

So, though many of you may not know my side of the family, please also think of them and pray for them. They're dealing with terrible grief over this loss too.

Thank you.


  1. I suffered the loss of a loved one a couple of years ago and then again this past December. What keeps me going is my faith in the Lord. I believe His word and look forward to seeing them again someday...death affects our view of life...but the Lord says He has destroyed death, which is the last enemy and a day will come when He'll wipe away every tear and we'll cry no more.

    I look forward to that day and I'll pray that He sends you and your daughter comfort and an understanding of Him, you've never had before...May He bless you and keep you and give you the strength to survive and even thrive until His return...You are not alone and others do understand and grasp that sometimes unbearable pain...

  2. Praying for each of you, and for all of you... Aimee was loved by so many! Grief can be far-reaching, touching each of you profoundly and uniquely. Your mom and sisters are blessed to have a man (you!) that loves so deeply and completely.