Sunday, December 25, 2011

Aimee's memorial, and ways to contribute

  If you've been following me on Facebook (or Aimee, who's page I've been updating), you probably know all of this info by now. But if not, here's some info on the memorial and ways you can contribute in leiu of flowers, if you so wish.

  We'll be holding a memorial service for Aimee at 7pm this Thursday, December 29 at Saint Luke's Luthera Church here in Federal Way, WA (515 S 312th St). Aimee had an office there as part of her work as a counselor with Lutheran Counseling Network, and she had a good relationship with the staff there.

  Between myself, Donna and Justin, we are asking that people who would like to do something in Aimee's honor consider one of the following two options in leiu of sending flowers:

  • World Vision's Fund to help Sexually Exploited Children (link below). This is a cause Aimee cared a lot about, and we'd talked about supporting this cause recently. Many thanks to friends at World Vision for setting this up, Jane Henry in particular.
  • If you'd prefer instead to honor Aimee's love for Rowan by contributing to a college fund for Rowan, an account has been set up at Wells Fargo. Checks can be made out to "Rowan Rhoads College Fund" and mailed to Pat Rhoads, 2653 SW 333rd Place, Federal Way, WA 98023. Thanks to Aimee's brother Justin Richmond for setting this up.
  I know it's the holidays, and this is also pretty short notice for those who might consider travelling. I and the rest of Aimee's family are grateful to those who have expressed their support and love, whether or not circumstances allow them to attend the memorial in person. We have been told more times than we can count that we're being prayed for, and trust me, we can feel it. And we're grateful, truly. Thank all of you so, so much.

  Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas.


  1. Pat,

    Reading all the post and information about Aimee and yourself, it's very apparent we could have easily been friends. We share the same attitude of caring and giving to others. We currently support a few families every month through World Vision, so we felt it an honor to make a donation to help support both you and Aimee's cause with World Vision.

    It was our pastor who met with you the night of the Aimee's passing. I extend my hand of support and if there is anything I can do for you here in the Keys, please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Although we can't be at the memorial service Thursday, our continued prayers will be with you and your family during this difficult time.

    In Christ,
    Gary Mace

  2. Pat,

    I'm very sorry to be meeting you for the first time under these circumstances, but we couldn't imagine any where else we would rather be. If there is anything we can do for anyone between now and then please let me know.